How to Turn Social Media Followers into Brand Ambassadors

Your Facebook and Twitter followers are key players in your brand’s growing popularity online. Some digital marketers even created the term “The Ratio” to describe the role of active followers in a brand’s online presence. The number of your fans or active followers represents the amount of engagement you get compared to the total number of your subscribers.

According to Ad Week,there are ways to make better use of these loyal social media followers. Here are some tips on how to convert your followers into brand ambassadors or super fans.

Acknowledge their loyalty

Check which fans have the most positive engagement on your social posts. They are most likely to be real lovers of your brand. Recognize their efforts and make them feel they are heard and more importantly,appreciated. Such acknowledgments would inspire other fans to increase their engagement in hopes that they would be recognized too one day.

Reward their efforts

Shoutouts are sometimes not enough rewards for super fans. Send them a free ticket or two,some freebies,or some merchandise that they can use and brag about online. Just make sure your rewards are closely related to what your brand is about and what it promotes.

Be consistent

To inspire your fan base to amplify your messages and promote your brand even more,be consistent in recognizing and rewarding them. This should help level up their loyalty while sending a message that you care about your audience รข that you listen to them and that you are grateful for their support.

Some of the best SEO company Hongkong highly encourage businesses to bolster their social media campaigns. Empowering super fans is surely one great way to do this.

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